Sweet & Spicy Gay Romance Deals for January 13, 2022

Kickoff Blues - Parker Avrile


My parents don't believe I was born this way.

But I'm not about to change my truth, so they ship me off to the all-male academy to get turned into their idea of a real man. At first, I'm pretty burned up about it.

Then I meet the quarterback.



Crush Box Set: Books 1 to 3 - Elouise East


Box Set One:

Love Conquers is a prequel to the Crush series. See how the bar came to be.

First Kiss follows Charlie and Josh as love crosses boundaries they never expected it to. When Charlie tries to find someone to take his virginity, he doesnít realise he is knocking down the first domino in a long line of changes set to test their loyalty and put them on a path neither anticipated.

Instant Desire is what Sean feels when he first meets Asher. Unfortunately, it pushes Sean further away from the man instead of closer. Asher does everything he can to help Sean get past what haunts him, but even though he understands the grief, he canít wallow in it himself. His niece needs him.

Primary Seduction follows Trent on his bisexual awakening. He never wouldíve thought Max would be the one person he wanted. A match flickers to life inside him, and he canít hold back, even when Max comes complete with a BDSM lifestyle Trent knows nothing about. Trouble comes calling, but his newfound relationship helps him in ways he never expected.

MM romances where love wins over everything. Everyone is welcome at Crush.


The Uncertain Unicorn - Lorelei M. Hart


A group of unicorns is a blessing...

Once there were many unicorns, but now we are few, and with the loss of my tiger-shifter mate, one half-unicorn half-orphan. My daughter and I are rarities in the world. The university where I hoped for tenure has just shut down their entomology department, leaving few other options to support us. Bug studies in the big city? Not so much. I need to make a new start. Remarkably Iíve found the opportunity both to work and to ease the loneliness of the past several years in a national park out West. If I dare...

I might have been out of my mind or possibly drunk the night I filled out the Male-Order Mates app form that night. But so many of my fellow rangers have had incredible luck in meeting their special omega that the thought of one more winter in that cabin alone provided the final boost to clicking the send button. Cliff is a unicorn, not another bear like me, but heís also interested in accepting the special project weíve had trouble finding, making it a win win for both of us. Or a huge mistake. But how did I miss the message that itís not just a male-order unicorn...but that he comes as a package deal with a very sassy daughter. Theyíve given up their home and everything else to come here and start fresh. And there are no other available winterized cabins, so we are going to spend the cold, snowy months together. Me. A unicorn omega. And Felicity...


Navarro: An M/M Age Gap Romance - Kelly Fox


My late wife made a bet with me: if I marry her brother, I have to take his last name.

ďThat's the rule. You marry two Navarros, you become one of us.Ē

Renťe always did have a sense of humoróeven as she was dyingóbut Iíll never love anyone the way I loved her. Falling for my brother-in-law? Psh. Desiís almost twenty years younger than me and far too pretty.

Besides, my son would never forgive me.

Still, it's getting harder and harder to deny our chemistry with every encounter. I just want to pretend that none of this is happening. God, what if I canít keep pretending?

The worst kept secret at Rebel Sky Ranch is that Iím deeply, tragically in love with Wyatt Goodnight.

Not only is he my late sisterís husband, but he may have changed my diapers once upon a time. And his son, my best friend, hates the fact that Iím in love with his father.

Complicated doesnít even begin to cover it.

There are times when I think Iím the only person who sees the real Wyatt. The man who sacrificed everything for my sister, who moved heaven and earth to try to save her. The man who wants a life beyond the ranch.

But he denies us, ignores his own feelings, and pretends that his hands donít know the exact weight and measure of me.

What if he never sees how good we could be together?


The Doctor's Heart - Andrew Grey


Rosco is an emergency room doctor with a daughter who relies on him. Between his career and family, he has little time for any type of personal life. But he finds himself flirting with one of the ambulance EMTs and, to his surprise, he gets flirted with right back.

Miguel is surprised the handsome ER doc even knows who he is. His own life is a little dull, but making eyes at Doc and getting a response supercharges his days. After heís injured on the job, Miguel gets a firsthand look at Doc Roscoís incredible bedside manner, not to mention the rest of him.

As the two men tentatively start exploring the attraction that has simmered for months, the head of medicine takes exception to their budding relationship. Pressure builds, and the two men must make decisions about their lives, their jobs, and the one thing that could make each of them happy... each other.


The Nerd Jock Conundrum - Hayden Hall


A chemistry nerd should know opposites always attract.

Troy: Of course I fell for a football jock. How could I not? But Jackson and I are polar opposites. Heís popular, confident, and as hot as hell in a tight T-shirt. Me? Iím just a scrawny, awkward nerd.

Another point of difference: heís straight. And as I trip, stumble, and stammer my way through all our conversations, my desire is growing at an alarming rate. I keep wondering what he looks like when heís on his knees.

As if my crush on him isnít bad enough, Jackson is assigned to be my partner on a year-long project, and I have no choice but to spend time with the hottest guy on campus. Bummer.

But the attraction is intensifying. Weíre on a collision course. I shouldnít be leaning in...

I think Iím going to kiss him.

Jackson: Sweet. I got partnered up with the biggest nerd on campus. If I play my cards well, a passing grade is guaranteed.

Troyís all shy and awkward; a classic nerd. But thereís more to him than heís showing. And itís making me curious.

I want to see him come out of his shell. I know he would be better off if he let his guard down. I want to be his friend, but he thinks Iím just another dumb jock. Except, I see him looking at me the way I could never look at him.

Am I sending the wrong message? Is he falling for me?

Heís leaning in fastÖ Heís about to kiss me.

And Iím not even ducking.


Buzz - Olivette Devaux

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Tristan can't get his man because his fashion sense is beyond rescue. Hard to dress well when you're colorblind, and his former relationships had left a deep and hurtful mark. But he's new to Las Vegas, where the air shimmers with the opportunity at new beginnings.

Buzz, the new coffee shop entrepreneur on the block, gravitates toward Tristan's amazing smile. Too bad he's so over dating. When Buzz gets hurt and his business ambitions take a hit, his newest customer lends a helping hand.

In this Happy Hour Inn story, their romance gets a chance to bloom in the sweltering Las Vegas heat despite the helpful advice of oblivious friends. This is a stand-alone read with cameos by well-loved meddlers from previous books.

DISCLAIMERS: No gourmet espresso beans were hurt in the writing of this book. They were merely consumed.