Sweet & Spicy Gay Romance Deals for January 27, 2022

His Accidental Valentineís Omega - Ava Beringer


My biggest rival is posing as my mate for Valentineís Day, all for the chance to best me. What if Iím not pretending?

Omega salesman Jeremiah Townsend doesnít believe in love. Heís the best in spite of his worst alpha rival, Mitch Wasilewski. Still single, heís secretly pregnant by artificial insemination and his familyís going to flip. When his meddling cousin Tajj starts sniffing around, Jeremiah offers Mitch the keys to his sales kingdom, his top-secret contacts list, to pretend to be his mate and father of his child for the big family reunion on Valentineís. Itís only for convenienceís sake, right? So why does Jeremiah want Mitch more and more every day?

Alpha Mitch Wasilewski is a big shot salesman and a hit with the omegas, if he does say so himself. Still, somethingís been missing since his biggest rival, omega Jeremiah Townsend, left the team without a word. When Mitch runs into Jeremiah, he finds him pregnant and desperate to fool his family into thinking theyíre in love. He offers Mitch "The List" and the chance to be on top once and for all. Itís an offer Mitch canít refuse; all he has to do is keep his heart out of it. Easier said than done; heís falling for the omega and the unborn baby, too. Will his buried feelings rise to the surface?

Can they fool Jeremiahís family? Can they resist their growing feelings? Will the baby be born on Valentineís Day?


Got Me Looking - Casey Cox


A jilted groom and a guy who doesnít believe in monogamy fall in love? Yeah. Right.

After getting cheated on at my own goddamn wedding, Iím through with men. Iím approaching fifty, and all Iíve ever wanted is to settle down, get married, and live happily ever after. But yeah, that hasnít exactly worked out great for me.

The last person I expect to understand me is Tate. Sure, heís cute, curious, and clever. A firecracker with no filter who somehow manages to stay friendly and genuine at the same time. But he isnít exactly a settle-down kinda guy. Oh, and did I mention heís also twenty years younger than me?

Thereís no way something could ever happen between the two of us, so how is it possible that Tate has got me looking at loveĖĖand himĖĖin a whole new light?


Matched to His Fox - Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar


Alpha Kurt left his flourishing business and cheating husband in the city for a new life at the shore. He adores the small town he now calls home. The people are welcoming, his job at the bakery incorporates everything he loves without the stress of ownership, and heís even learning how to swim.

If only he had someone to share his life with. Maybe the app his boss talked about isnít such a bad idea after all.

Omega fox shifter Reynard thought it was cute when his parents told him heíd one day be traded to a neighboring pack, or skulk as foxes called them, if he didnít snag a mateÖ it wasnít until he turned twenty that he discovered they were serious. The skulk in question? They stuck with the ways of old, including omegas being nothing more than a possession. Reynard did what any fox would do in his situation; he left. Five years and six places later, Reynard has landed by the sea, and for the first time he feels at home.

If only he had someone to share this home with. Maybe the app that keeps sending him emails isnít such a bad idea after all.


Falling for the Pretender - C Rowel


Getting dumped sucks. Getting invited to the exís wedding? Disaster. Thereís only one thing to do: Show up with a smoking hot fake date.

Six months after getting dumped, Michaelís ex Richard hits him with another bombshell: Heís getting married. And Michael is invited.

Determined not to let his shallow ex get the best of him, Michael and his friend Wanda come up with the perfect fake plus-one: Her very hot -and very straight Ė brother Jonathan.

Smart, ripped, with seductive eyes and a smooth melt-in-your-boots voice, this walking Adonis is just what Michael needs to convince Richard that Michaelís love life hasnít been D.O.A since their split. Thereís only one thing left to do: Teach Jonathan how to act like a proper boyfriend.

Easy enough.

All Jonathan wants is a simple way to raise his tuition money. And what could be simpler than posing as Michaelís boyfriend for a night? Nothing, right?

Thatís what Jonathan thought. Until he and Michael start Ďpracticingí being a couple for the wedding. Michaelís strong arms, firm chest, and bright blue eyes shouldnít make Jonathan feel so hot and bothered Ė but they do. And why is Michaelís gaze lingering on him constantly?

Could it be that Jonathan isnít as straight as he always thought?

When it becomes clear that both want more than a fake one-night date, they must decide: Will they overcome their doubts and confess their feelings? Or will it all end when the wedding bells chime?


The Omega Sacrifice - N.J. Lysk


Fate arranged their union... but can love keep them together?

Ghian is the leader of his pack and as such must mate and produce an heir. But females hold no appeal to him and he cannot bring himself to take a life partner just to do his duty.

Aalyan belongs to a pack on the edge of starvation and when he presents omega, his fate is sealed; he must go away. Itís a sacrifice heís ready to make if it means his people will thrive.

The man waiting for him across the river is nothing like the tyrant heís been led to expect, but no matter how kind his captor, the role of omega is still a cage Aalyan cannot help but pace within.

When a kiss is demanded, it cannot be true, can it? Can the tenderness of skin waken that of the heart?